CBZ Private Banking offers an array of financial services solutions to the discerning individual who has unique and sophisticated financial requirements.

Expertise, service excellence and relationship management are the hallmarks of our Private Banking solutions.

A relationship manager is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy a warm and exceptional banking experience with us. Backed by a team of experts, your relationship manager is your confidential connection to our vast resources and network of Private Banking advisers and service providers.

In partnership with you, CBZ Private Banking design and implement highly personalized financial solutions that are befitting to your unique family situation, lifestyle and personal goals and wishes. CBZ Private Banking solutions:

Wealth Creation

Increase the total amount of your wealth by generating income and creating additional assets.

  • Treasury Services
  • Unit Trusts
  • Stock Trading
  • Private Equity
  • Portfolio Management

Wealth Maintenance

Provide you with alternatives to conduct regular payments and carry out your day to day transactions.

  • Bank Accounts
  • Electronic Banking facilities
  • Personal Lending facilities
  • Safe custody

Wealth Preservation

Ensure that the value of your fixed and liquid assets are protected now and for generations to come.

  • Trusts, wealth Protection and transfer
  • Taxation & accounting services
  • Optimizing Philanthropic Aspirations
  • Estate Settlement and Administration
  • Bancassurance products

Lifestyle & Privileges

A selection of exclusive benefits specially arranged for your enjoyment and in recognition of your status:

  • Airport lounge Access
  • Website Access
  • Restaurant & Event Recommendations & Arrangements
  • Superior Purchasing Benefits
  • Travel Information & arrangements
  • Premium Client Card Privileges

We invite you to contact CBZ Private Banking to discover how we can tailor make personal financial solutions for you.

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