Frequently Asked Questions - Property Sales

FAQs - Property Sales
VAT (Value Added Tax) is a payment required by law which is paid at the point of transaction and is remitted to the tax authority. It therefore cannot be put together as part of the loan.
Yes, the Bank may consider you as a potential buyer subject to proven repayment capacity.
Yes, subject to raising the necessary upfront costs and demonstration of adequate repayment capacity taking into consideration the other obligations with the other bank. A stop order arrangement will also be required to enable regular repayments to be made when they fall due.
CBZ is considering having such projects in all major towns and cities and the market will be notified of such developments.
Yes, it is possible to use your savings in CashPlus Housing account to purchase such properties.
It is possible to buy more than one property subject to fulfillment of the specific project terms and conditions.

Forex Rates

Last Updated: 21 September 2017
  Base USD 1.00
  AUD 1.2568
  BWP 10.2354
  CNY 6.5943
  EUR 0.8414
  GBP 0.7413
  ZAR 13.3779

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