Loan purpose

The loan product shall cover all legally compliant purposes which shall include but are not limited to the following:-

  1. Purchase of other properties for investment purposes.
  2. Business ventures.
  3. Building other properties.
  4. Property improvements.
  5. Educational fees
  6. Medical fees


  • Title deeds for an unencumbered urban residential property.

Maximum Qualification & Requirements

  • Gross Salary/Average constant monthly income * 15
  • Copy of certified ID/Passport
  • 3 months’ CBZ Bank Account showing income
  • Confirmation of employment/proof of source of income
  • Letter of undertaking by employer to channel salary to CBZ for the duration of the loan
  • Fully completed Mortgage Application Form

Loan to Value Ratio

  • Maximum of 60%

Legal fees

  • Bond registration shall be capitalized into the loan

Insurance for the mortgaged property (HOC)

  • The Bank shall arrange a comprehensive insurance cover through CBZ Insurance for the mortgaged property to cover against fire and other usual risks.

Life Cover

  • To be arranged through CBZ Life


TenorMaximum of 10 years
Interest rate 15 % p.a.
Application fees US$75
Valuation fees 0.5% once off
Establishment fees 1.5% once off
Administration fee 1% annual administration fees
Bond fees To be part of the loan

Terms and Conditions apply.

Forex Rates

Last Updated: 20 July 2018
  Base USD 1.00
  AUD 1.3574
  BWP 10.3734
  CNY 6.7751
  EUR 0.8582
  GBP 0.7684
  ZAR 13.5478

Business Conditions