Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

CBZ Bank is wholly owned by CBZ Holdings. Refer to our Investor Relations section for more information.

CBZ Bank has over 60 branches nationwide. Use our Branch Locator to find the location of branches.

Monday to Friday 0800hrs-1600hrs for Big City Branches, 0800hrs-1500hrs for Town Branches and Country Branches. Saturday 0800hrs-1130hrs for all branches.

    • Proof of residence or letter from landlord or local school headmaster
    • Copy of National I.D
    • Payslip, if one is not employed a letter or documentary evidence is required confirming source of regular income.
    • 2 Passport size photos

*If it’s a joint account the requirements are the same as above but marriage certificate is required.

  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • CR14
  • CR6
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Proof of residence, copies of I.D’s and 2 passport size photos for all the directors

*At least one of the directors has to be present when submitting account opening forms.

0.3% per annum on ordinary savings accounts and up to 8% per annum on CashPlus Savings accounts.
You can register on any of the following products; Smart Money Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Alerts.

Maximum withdrawal is $3000. The minimum is $10.

Yes, there are some ATMs that take both cards while others take only VISA cards.

There is no set maximum but client needs to make a 24 hour booking for large sums above $20,000.

Currently, only United States Dollars are available.

Yes. With CBZ, the customer banks with the bank not with the branch. However for security reasons, withdrawals of large sums of money may be referred to the parent branch for authorisation.

  • Salary to come through your account for 6 months
  • One can borrow up to 3 times their net salary.
  • Guarantee letter from employer
  • Copy of National I.D
  • Current payslip
  • Proof of residence
One can enquire the balance through any of our branches country wide or access it through the internet banking product; which one can register for through any branch.

Yes, CBZ offers a wide range of electronic banking products e.g Internet Banking, Smart Money Mobile banking, Visa Cards, SMS Alerts, E-Commerce in order to offer convenience to its customers.

The Bank’s electronic banking channels and products are highly secured. Electronic Banking users should safeguard their password from falling into wrong hands.

Internet Banking allows a Corporate Account to have one person initiating the transaction and the other authorizing the transaction so that no person can make transactions independently.

Our VISA card works anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted. One needs to complete an application form submit it together with a copy of ID, proof of residence and a current payslip. Corporate account holders should additionally submit the company documents. The joining fee is USD 25 and annual subscription is USD 25. The card comes with insurance of USD 10.88 per annum. One can also apply for a supplementary card at a cost of USD 10.
  • Visit our website and click "Apply for Internet Banking".
  • Complete the web form in full all relevant sections.
  • Once completed in full, download completed form and submit to your domicile branch.
  • For those outside Zimbabwe, download and remit to your domicile branch.
  • Upon successful registration the bank will advise you of login credentials
  • Enter the CBZ Bank website address in the Internet address bar to get the website page (
  • From the main page, click on Log on to Internet Banking. A login screen with hovering keyboard appears
  • Enter your numeric user id on the login screen that follows.
  • Enter your password using your mouse. System is case sensitive.
  • On first login, the system will prompt you to immediately change your password to your own secret and preferred one.
  • Follow the password construction guidelines given. 6
  • When password has been changed successfully, you will be allowed access to the system.
  • Select Account Information from the main menu.
  • Select Account Statement from the sub menu that follows.
  • The system has three options under “Search By”.
  • Selecting Current Month will give you details for current month- do not enter dates
  • Selecting Previous Month will give you details for the previous- do not enter dates
  • Selecting Specific Period gives you details for a period of your choice – specify required dates.
  • Select Online Payments
  • A sub-menu with the following options appears:
  • Own Accounts Transfer
  • CBZ to CBZ Funds Transfer
  • There are two steps to making a successful Bill Payment transaction
  • Firstly, register biller.
  • Select Bill Payment from the main Menu to register a Biller
  • Select Add New Biller
  • From the Register Biller data input which follows, enter details correctly.
  • Account\Card Number with Biller: enter the Utility account number.
  • Account Name with Biller: enter details as one word. DO NOT LEAVE SPACES.
  • Submit and confirm after entering all details.
  • Secondly, make a payment.
  • Select “Pay Bill”
  • Complete all the other self-explanatory fields that follow and complete transaction.
  • Click on Dashboard.
  • Then select Transactions to Authorise.
  • Search and select transaction to authorize.
  • View and verify details before authorizing the transaction.
  • You are also able to make ZIMRA payments online
  • Select Bill Payment.
  • From the sub menu, select Zimra Bill Payment
  • Enter details on the self-explanatory fields and complete transaction.
  • Dial the USSD short code. *230#
  • Enter PIN on the PIN entry screen.
  • User will be taken to the main menu screen.

SmartMoney allows you to purchase airtime for your own phone or send airtime to another mobile number.

  • Select 1 Airtime
  • Select 1 Top up own cell phone
  • And enter the amount you wish to top up
  • Select 1 Airtime
  • Select 2 Top up third party cell
  • Enter mobile number to top up (please note this can only be done for same mobile network numbers)
  • And enter the amount you wish to top up.

Balance enquiry:

    • Select 1 and the account available balance will be displayed.

Mini statement:

    • Select 2 and the last five transactions will be displayed.

Loan account enquiry:

  • Select 3 and enter loan account number and the loan balance will be displayed.

SmartMoney allows you to transfer funds between your own CBZ account and any other CBZ account. SmartMoney through its ZIPIT functionality also allows you to transfer funds to any other ZIPIT enabled bank.

Own Accounts Funds Transfers:

  • Select 1 and Enter your other account and amount.
  • Press 1 after confirming the transfer details.

CBZ to CBZ Funds Transfers:

  • Select 2 then enter third part account number and amount.
  • Press 1 after confirming the transfer details.

ZIPIT Funds transfers:

  • Select 4.
  • Select destination bank,
  • Enter destination account number
  • Enter amount
  • Press 1 after confirming.

With SmartMoney you can register billers and assign a name (something easy to remember) to a bill. Then when you need to make a payment all you need to do is use the name you have saved. You can even have more than one account number saved under a biller e.g. MYDSTV and DSTVPARENTS.

City of Harare:

  • Enter your account number with City of Harare
  • Enter nick name e.g. MYCITY (do not leave spaces)
  • Press 1 after confirming the details


  • Enter your account number with DSTV
  • Enter nick name e.g. MYDSTV (do not leave spaces)
  • Press 1 after confirming the details

NB you can assign another account to the same biller e.g. PARENTSDSTV for your parents DSTV Account.


  • Enter your ZESA PRE-PAID meter number
  • Enter name e.g. MYZESA (do not leave spaces)
  • Press 1 after confirming the details
  • Upon successful registration you will receive an SMS with the details of the registration.

NB you can assign another account to the same biller e.g. PARENTSZESA for your parents ZESA Account

Once you have registered a biller you are now able to make payments from your CBZ account to the chosen biller.

City of Harare:

  • Enter the registered name eg MYCITY
  • Enter amount the amount you would like to pay
  • Press 1 after confirming the details


  • Enter the registered name eg MYDSTV
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay
  • Press 1 after confirming the details


  • Enter the registered name eg MYESA
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay.
  • Press 1 after confirming the details.

Electronic Banking Contact Details
2nd Floor, Fanum House, 57 Samora Machel Avenue.
P O Box 3313, Harare. Tel: Direct Line +263 4 791253

+263 4 748050/79, 780880-4, 798915/27 Switchboard lines
+263774 132 364 Munetsi Chibanda
+263772 869 370 Talent Macheka
+263772 101 372 O Simende
+263777 366 916 A Mugwanyo
Email: [email protected]

The advisory services team provides Corporate and Project Finance solutions. These services encompass a variety of products which are centred on providing off-balance sheet financing solutions for your company. These off-balance sheet solutions include sourcing of debt or equity from other investors or financiers and not from the Bank’s balance sheet.

Advisory Services are charged mainly as a percentage of the deal size or the funds raised. These fees range between 3-5% of the deal size or the funds raised although this can be negotiated.

The Bank leverages its relationships with local and external investors and financiers such as Fund Managers and other multi-lateral financing institutions, from where it obtains required funding for its client’s projects.

The Bank normally requires the client to sign a mandate agreement. It is this agreement that mandates the Bank to act provide the agreed services, in line with the client’s requirements.

The mandate agreement contains a confidentiality clause which protects the information provided to the Bank by its clients.

The department provides Order Finance and Invoice Discounting products.

This is where the Bank provides funding to a client to fulfill/deliver on a confirmed order. The order finance facility should be self-liquidating meaning that the payments received from the order should liquidate the facility.

Invoice discounting is a form of short term borrowing often used to improve a company's working capital and cash flow position. It allows the company to receive advances of funds against outstanding sales invoices. The facility allows a business to draw money against its sales invoices before the debtor has actually paid.
Indicative pricing given as per the Bank pricing.
We strive to process all requests within 14 days, provided all the information required has been availed.
Additional security provides additional cover to the Bank’s position in the event of default by the buyer and non-performance by the supplier.
It is guided by the total cost of the transaction to be undertaken, being a function of the order value. For invoice discounting, it is guided by the invoice value.
Trade finance facilities are available to any client who has banked with for at least three to six months.
Normally the Bank requires a confirmed order in the case of order finance and outstanding invoices in the case of invoice discounting. A check list is also supplied to the client.

Yes, provided it’s not specialized equipment.

We believe our pricing for asset finance facilities is quite competitive. Our maximum tenor is up to 36 months
The deposit contribution can be negotiated with the Bank. However, other key factors such as track record and account turnover will also be considered.
The lease repayments will be scheduled according to the cash flow timing of your business. If the client does not provide this request however, the Bank will structure the lease payments in the conventional manner.
Bank offers Finance Leases
There is no residual value. The leases are amortized to nil residual value.
We strive to process all requests within 14 days, provided all the information required has been availed.
No penalties are charged in early repayment
The maximum loan that you can borrow depends on your income and value of property to be offered as security of the loan.

The required deposit shows your commitment to the transaction.

This is a statutory requirement. One of the important considerations in granting mortgage advances is that the borrower will be able to meet the stipulated monthly repayments. The Bank accepts monthly repayments of not more than 25% of your average monthly income taking into consideration other commitments that you might have elsewhere. However, the Bank encourages you to deposit the extra incomes in order to take them into consideration when assessing your loan affordability.
Yes it is possible subject to demonstration of adequate repayment capacity and proven source of income which should be coming through the CBZ Bank held account. The purpose of the loan should however be for purchase of property, property improvements and building finance.
Every client subscribes to Mortgage Protection Policy underwritten by CBZ Life which provides full credit life cover. As a result the insurer pays off the remaining balance in the event that the client has passed on.
The CashPlus Housing Product has its own terms and conditions. The Bank is obliged to extend a mortgage loan that equals the amount you would have saved over a minimum period of 12 months.
Currently our minimum mortgage loan amount is US$5,000 hence we would urge you to save at least $5,000.00 to be eligible for a mortgage loan.
VAT (Value Added Tax) is a payment required by law which is paid at the point of transaction and is remitted to the tax authority. It therefore cannot be put together as part of the loan.
Yes, the Bank may consider you as a potential buyer subject to proven repayment capacity.
Yes, subject to raising the necessary upfront costs and demonstration of adequate repayment capacity taking into consideration the other obligations with the other bank. A stop order arrangement will also be required to enable regular repayments to be made when they fall due.
CBZ is considering having such projects in all major towns and cities and the market will be notified of such developments.
Yes, it is possible to use your savings in CashPlus Housing account to purchase such properties.
It is possible to buy more than one property subject to fulfillment of the specific project terms and conditions.