This electronic transfer facility enables your company to make salary payments to your employees holding accounts with any bank or building society in Zimbabwe.


  • Economical with the Paynet system you save on the recurrent expenses associated with the disk and schedule payment methods whilst benefiting from Paynet very low cost per transaction.
  • Secure Paynet has a number of inbuilt security features that guarantee the integrity of your salary payment instructions and remove the incidence of fraud associated with other payment methods.
  • Efficient Transferring your company's salary schedule to CBZ Bank only requires the click of a button and your employees will receive their salary on the appointed payday. Salaries are posted into the correct given employee account and where there is an invalid number the corresponding amount and the details of the beneficiary are automatically rejected back into the corporate account.
  • Fast Paynet processes salary payments in bulk, which is much faster than other time-consuming methods where each transaction is posted individually and manually.

To apply

Contact your CBZ Bank branch about having Paynet customized and installed for your company’s efficient management of the salary payment process.

Forex Rates

Last Updated: 20 August 2018
  Base USD 1.00
  AUD 1.3691
  BWP 10.8219
  CNY 6.8573
  EUR 0.8757
  GBP 0.7849
  ZAR 14.6421

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