When you open an e-wallet account or mobile banking account, you must know and fully understand the terms and conditions (“Rules”) set out in this document. Please read carefully and fully understand each clause in these Rules.

Please note that when you complete and sign the application, or continue with self-registration on the mobile app, you agree to abide by and be bound by these Rules.


In these Rules, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

CBZ Touch means a Mobile Application offered by the Bank to holder(s) of CBZ Bank Account(s) to allow them access to their bank accounts information and transacting.

Bank means any branch of CBZ Bank Limited in Zimbabwe with which the Customer’s Account(s) is/are maintained.

Mobile banking refers to the use of a smartphone or other cellular device to perform online banking tasks while away from home computer, such as monitoring account balances, transferring funds between accounts, bill payment and locating an ATM or branch.

E-wallet is a virtual account that is opened online and can be used to access the various bank services.

Customer means the person who holds an Account with the Bank.

MSP means any mobile service provider through which the Customer or the Bank receives the mobile services as notified by the Bank.

Service Provider(s) definition includes but not limited to MSP’s, organizations or individuals whose services the bank uses in relation to Mobile Banking in any capacity.

PIN means the secret four digits (Personal Identification Number) as provided to the Customer by the Bank for authentication / verification by Bank of his / her identity. The customer will be able to obtain a range of financial information as determined by the Bank related to his/her relevant Account(s) through the use of PIN.

Affiliates means all parties involved in delivering the customer - initiated messages to and from the Bank.


2.1 Download the CBZ Touch App from your mobile devices applicable App Store.

2.2 Complete the online Self-Registration application form and submit to CBZ Touch systems administrators and Contact Centre.

2.3 CBZ shall, in its sole discretion consider your application form. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided correct information in your application form.

2.4 CBZ reserves the right to refuse to open a CBZ Touch account.

2.5 You may not have more than 1 (one) CBZ Touch account.


3.1 Download the CBZ Touch App from your mobile devices applicable App Store.

3.2 If you are a CBZ Account holder, complete the online self-registration application form and submit for automatic registration.

3.2 If you are not a CBZ Account holder, please visit your nearest CBZ Branch and submit a copy of your ID to complete your registration.

3.4 CBZ reserves the right to refuse to open a wallet account

3.5 You may not have more than 1 (one) Wallet account.


4.1 If you have an e-wallet account you are required to transact within limits approved by regulatory authorities from time to time which currently stand as follows:

Transaction Limits

i. Daily transaction limit - $500.00 per transaction maximum $1,000.00 per day

ii. Monthly Limit - $ $3,000.00 per month both debits and credits inclusive.

4.2 If you have a mobile banking account, you may transact according to the available balance in your account.

4.3 Your E-Wallet account balance does not earn interest.

4.4 You undertake not to use your account to commit any offence under Zimbabwean law. Should it come to CBZ’s attention that any such offence has been committed by you, your account will forthwith be closed or suspended without notice to you as set out in clause

4.5 You shall immediately notify CBZ bank of any change in the personal details that you submitted in your application form.

4.6 CBZ reserves the right to add more functions from time to time onto the Services. CBZ will notify you of such additional transactions and functionalities through communication channels, such as but not limited to SMS.

4.7 When transaction(s) are processed, your account shall be debited or credited depending on whether the nature of the transaction is a deposit or withdrawal.

4.8 CBZ will verify and confirm all transactions performed through your account by sending you an SMS.

4.9 You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide when doing transactions is correct. If you provide incorrect information you will have no claim against CBZ for any losses or damages you may incur.


5.1 ZIPIT transactions are instant.

5.2 RTGS transactions are settled within 24 hours provided transactions have been processed before the cut-off time of 12 noon daily (local time).

5.3 RTGS transactions are only processed from Monday to Friday.

5.4 The onus is upon the beneficiary to confirm with their bankers that the funds have been deposited.

5.5 CBZ takes no responsibility for delays resulting from events or occurrences beyond its control including but not limited to challenges arising from telecommunications infrastructure, connectivity and services of the various network operators.


6.1 The customer requests for the solution which the Bank at its sole discretion may discontinue at any time without any prior notice. The solution is available to customers who have opened bank or wallet accounts with the bank.

6.2 The solution is available to subscribers of all Mobile Network Operators.

6.3 The Customer assumes full responsibility for the security and confidentiality of his or her mobile phone number and PIN to be used in gaining access to his or her enrolled Account(s) through the use of his or her mobile phone.

6.4 The solution may be extended by the Bank to any other accounts, products and/or services being offered by the Bank or otherwise at the sole discretion of the Bank from time to time.

6.5. The Bank also reserves the right to make any additions or deletions in the services offered through the solution at any time.

6.6 The Customer shall inform the Bank immediately on surrendering or discontinuing use of the Mobile Service Provider’s mobile connection.


7.1 The Customer is duly bound to acquaint himself / herself with the detailed process for using the solution and the Bank is not responsible for any errors / omissions by the Customer.

7.2 The Bank may, at its discretion, from time to time change the features of the solution.

7.3 The Customer is solely responsible for communicating in writing to the Bank any change in his /her mobile phone number.

7.4 The Customer acknowledges that the solution is partly dependent on the telecommunications infrastructure, connectivity and services of the various network operators.

7.5 The Bank shall endeavour to provide the solution on a best effort basis and the Customer shall not hold the Bank or its partner(s) responsible / liable for non-availability of the solution or any loss or damage caused as a result of use of solution.

7.6 The Customer must keep their CBZ Touch Personal Identification Number (PIN) secret at all times. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the consequences in case the customer fails to adhere to the above and / or in case of any unauthorized use of his /her mobile device or SIM card.

7.7 The Customer must keep the SIM card and his /her mobile device in secure/safe custody at all times. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the consequences in case the customer fails to adhere to the above and / or in case of any unauthorized use of his /her mobile device or SIM card.

7.8 By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of CBZ Touch, the Customer accepts the option to use the enhanced options, as and when they are made available by the Bank. Upon the Bank offering the enhanced options, the Customer shall be advised of the fees charged, if any, for the various enhanced options made available.


8.1 The Bank reserves the right to introduce additional services with or without giving any notice to the Customer. The Bank reserves the right to send messages to the registered Mobile devices regarding its products, services or any related matter, without the express consent of the customer.

8.2 The Bank may, at its discretion, withdraw temporarily or terminate the solution, either wholly or in part, at any time. The Bank may, without prior notice, suspend temporarily the solution at any time during which any maintenance work or repair is required to be carried out or in case of any emergency or for security reasons, which require the temporary suspension of the solution.

8.3 Notwithstanding the terms laid down in clause 4.2 above, either the Customer or the Bank may, for any reason whatsoever, terminate this agreement at any time upon prior written notice. Liabilities incurred by the Customer shall, however, survive the termination of this agreement.


9.1 The Bank may at any time, at its sole discretion, charge a fee for use of any or all of the Facility, under a notice to the Customer through any medium available.

9.2 Unless otherwise waived by the Bank, the Customer shall pay the Bank, fees and charges for the use of the service. In this connection, the Bank is authorized by the Customer to debit any of the customer’s Account(s) with the Bank.


10.1 The bank or its employees/contractual staff will not be liable for: (i) any unauthorized use of the Customer’s PIN or (ii) mobile phone number / instrument or unauthorized access to e-mails received at his notified e-mail address for any fraudulent, duplicate or erroneous instructions given by use of the same; (iii) acting in good faith on any instructions received by the Bank; (iv) error, default, delay or inability of the Bank to act on all or any of the instructions; (v) loss of any information/instructions in transmission; (vi) unauthorized access by any other person to any information/instructions given by the Customer.

10.2 The Bank shall not be concerned with and will not be held liable for any dispute that may arise between the Customer and the Mobile Service Provider and makes no representation or gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the service provided by the Mobile Service Provider.

10.3 The Bank shall not be held liable for any disruption or failure of providing mobile telecommunication services by the Mobile Service Provider. The customer agrees that any complaint in connection with the failure of mobile telecommunication services shall be transferred to and addressed by the Mobile Service Providers.


The Customer shall indemnify and keep the Bank and its Service Provider(s) free and harmless from and against all liabilities, losses, claims and damages arising from negligence, fraud, collusion or violation of the terms of this agreement on part of the customer and/or a third party with whom the Customer shares his/her PIN and mobile device. In addition, the Bank shall not be liable for any expense, claim, loss or damage arising out in connection with this agreement including but not limited to war, rebellion, and typhoon.

12. This agreement is governed by the laws of Zimbabwe. Both parties agree to submit the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Zimbabwe, unless both parties agree in writing within 14 days of declaring a dispute to submit to a building arbitration proceeding conducted in accordance with the Arbitration Act of Zimbabwe (CAP 7:15).

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