CBZ Bank, in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, is actively supporting value addition and export promotion through availing facilities for Value Addition and exports.

  • Purpose: Financial value chain linkages for manufacturing entities to farmers for value addition and beneficiation.
  • Availability: Immediate (Upon approval of projects)
  • Eligibility: Manufacturers requiring linkages to Farmers
  • Interest rate: Up to 10% per annum
  • Tenure: Up to 1 year (Working capital). Up to 36 months (Capital expenditure)

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Forex Rates

Last Updated: 19 April 2018
  Base USD 1.00
  AUD 1.2822
  BWP 9.5694
  CNY 6.2683
  EUR 0.8078
  GBP 0.7042
  ZAR 11.93

Business Conditions