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Union House
60 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Harare
TEL: (04) 748050/79; 780880-4; 798915-27; 756233-5


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Internet Banking

A service giving secure and unlimited access to your account, enabling you to carry out transactions via the Internet from anywhere in the world.



  • Simple balance enquiry.
  • Account statement viewing or printing.
  • Order a cheque.
  • Modify and change your profile online e.g. change of password.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • No Inter Account Transfer charges.
  • Make payments to third parties - whether they hold an account with CBZ Bank or with any other financial institution in the country.
  • Pay bills online to registered merchants and service providers.
  • Make request for other services and apply for any other products and services.
  • Unlimited number of users for companies in order to cater for the required transaction authorisation arrangements of businesses.


  • The convenience of 24-hour access to your accounts and banking facilities.
  • Speedy transacting and prompt service.
  • Efficient administration of your funds including multiple account management.
  • The inbuilt security features safeguard your funds and business with us.
  • The ability to transact from anywhere, including transaction approval from another country, should you wish.
  • Clients can use account statements to keep up-to-date with their finances and for easy reconciliation of banking transactions.
  • The convenience of 24-hour access to your accounts and banking facilities.

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For Individuals

  • An existing CBZ Bank account is the only requirement.

For Businesses & Corporates

  • An existing CBZ Bank account is the only requirement.

Contact your CBZ Bank Branch to apply for this convenient service.

The team at our E-Banking & Card Services Department is also on hand to assist you with queries.


This electronic transfer facility enables your company to make salary payments to your employees holding accounts with any bank or building society in Zimbabwe.


  • Economical - with the Paynet system you save on the recurrent expenses associated with the disk and schedule payment methods whilst benefiting from Paynet's very low cost per transaction.
  • Secure - Paynet has a number of inbuilt security features that guarantee the integrity of your salary payment instructions and remove the incidence of fraud associated with other payment methods.
  • Efficient - Transferring your company's salary schedule to CBZ Bank only requires the click of a button and your employees will receive their salary on the appointed payday. Salaries are posted into the correct given employee account and where there is an invalid number the corresponding amount and the details of the beneficiary are automatically rejected back into the corporate account.
  • Fast - Paynet processes salary payments in bulk, which is much faster than other time-consuming methods where each transaction is posted individually and manually.

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Talk to our Bulk Payments Department about having Paynet customised and installed for your company's efficient management of the salary payment process.



Internet Banking & SMS Banking

Munetsi Chibanda Tel 748050-79; Direct Line 791253

Anzoti Mugwanyo Tel 748050-79.


Merchant Services

Direct line 780888


VISA Card Authorisations

Direct line 757869

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